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Phone Controlled LED Light Strip

Phone Controlled LED Light Strip

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Don’t just color your space, control it! The New Ocean Galaxy Light™ LED Strip gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of colors and program your own custom settings, ALL FROM YOUR PHONE!


48 LED Smart APP Control 16 Color RGB Car Interior Floor ...

The OceanGalaxy™ LED-Strip Light is easy to install on virtually any flat surface, and it peels off cleanly without residue. Instantly create a colorful ambiance with the point-and-click wireless remote!


✦ YOUR PHONE is your remote! It also comes with a manual remote!

✦ Control multiple LED-strips at once with ONE remote!

✦ Flexible peel-and-stick installation

✦ Cuttable strip: Choose your perfect strip length

Super Easy To Use!

They are powered with a USB port. 
It can be powered by a computer, an electric plug (with any wall power supply), a car, a power bank and so much more!
Sticks to any surface
Easily sticks to most surfaces.
Flexible ribbon with a powerful adhesive backside. 
Eco Friendly
Environmentally friendly.
100% Safe for You and the Environment! LED Lights last a lifetime and use 97% less electricity!
We Ship Worldwide!
Via USPS/EMS/YunExpress
30 Day Warranty.
Get a full refund or a replacement 30 days after delivery. No questions asked!


Easily sticks to surfaces: The Led Strip-Light features a 5M ribbon adhesive backing that lets the LED-strip stick to virtually any surface and comes off clean if you want to put it on another wall


Cuttable LED-strip: Easily cut the LED strip with designated cut marks every 3 LEDs. Use your scissors to cut the excess strip off and your LED strip will still be able to emit light and work properly.


Tested before shipment: Each LED-strip system is tested before shipment to ensure a product that 100% works.


Whats in the box?

  • USB Power Adapter 
  • QR Code to Sync with iPhone/Android or any device
  • Extra Manual Remote
  • IR Receiver
  • Led Strip with 3M™ adhesive tape backing
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